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Whole Rock Analysis

Florin Analytical ServicesWhole Rock Analysis by ICAP-AES

Information Circular: WRA2002
Updated: March 2002

Whole Rock Analysis

The analysis is completed utilizing a lithium borate fusion process on a small portion of pulverized solid material. The "whole rock analysis" is actually not a complete analysis of the rock, but describes a specific method of ore preparation followed by analysis for eleven (11) common rock-forming elements. The values for the rock-forming elements are then expressed as their more common oxide compound. It is noted that the calculation of the assumed compound does not necessarily mean that the oxides are actually or entirely present as such compounds. The procedure for the Whole Rock Analysis is as follows:

Whole Rock Analysis - Utilizing standard geochemical procedures, the sample is assayed for a series of 11 elements. The procedure utilized for the analysis is a lithium borate fusion followed by digestion of the melt utilizing nitric acid. The solution produced is then aspirated into an ICAP-AES or a FAAS for elemental analyses. The lithium borate fusion breaks down the sample matrix completely, thus allowing for a "total" analysis of the elements present.

The raw elemental analyses are transferred to a spreadsheet from which the "oxide" equivalent is then calculated. The results that are presented include both the "raw" elemental analysis data as well as the calculated oxide data. In addition to the elemental analyses, a loss-on-ignition value is also determined. The LOI is conducted at a temperature of 2,000°F for one (1) hour. Included in the LOI of an oxide material would be any change in weight due to the presence of organic carbon, the presence of non-sulfate sulfur, the evolution of carbon dioxide from carbonates that are present and any additional loss from structural waters (waters of hydration) that may be present in the sample. In a whole rock analysis on oxide material, the sum of the calculated oxides plus the LOI typically is around 100%±5.

Whole Rock Analysis - Lithium Metaborate Fusion
Followed by ICAP-OES or FAAS

Element Units Oxide Oxide Factor Limit of Detec-
tion (Oxide)
Al % Al2O3 1.889 0.01
Ca % CaO 1.399 0.01
Cr % Cr2O3 1.462 0.01
Fe % Fe2O3 1.430 0.01
K % K2O 1.205 0.10
Mg % MgO 1.658 0.01
Mn % MnO 1.291 0.01
Na % Na2O 1.348 0.05
P % P2O5 2.291 0.03
Si % SiO2 2.139 0.02
Ti % TiO2 1.668 0.01
LOI2000°F %     0.20